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Do you have a question for Are you confused about how it works? Want to know something? Go through the following FAQs and see if your question has been answered before. This will be much quicker than emailing us. However, if you still have a query, then do not hesitate to Contact Us. FAQ

Q. How does the help me?

A. B.A helps you punter by being completely open about the Soccer Betting Tipsters in our network. No facts are hidden and no results are altered. Any losses or profits published are verified and legitimate. Our aim is to ensure you to know what you're getting when you subscribe to any of the Tipsters in Verified Soccer Tips network.

Q. Can i buy betting tips from

A. Betting-Advise do not sell any betting tips or predictions. We only server as a bet verification authorities, all Tipsters service information recorded in the B.A. Platform is encrypted with password. You can only buy directly from the Tipster.

Q. What is B.A. Platforms?

A. B.A. Platform is a Tipster Management Platform System where the Tipster submit their daily tips for verification. This powerful platform tool ensure that the submitted tips cannot be adjust or edit. Once the matches conclude, the Tipster will provide us the password to log into the system and verify the information.

Q. Is there possibility for a Tipster to cheat?

A. No. The B.A. Platform was develop and customize to the highest level of securities. All submitted information cannot be edited or revealed. It protects both parties. During the verification after the match, If found the tips are different from the results published, the tipster will be terminated immediately and removed from our network.

Q. Can I Join More than One Service?

A. Of course you can. There is no limit to how many services you can be a part of. It's a great idea to join to multiple services so you can benefit from multiple tips and increase your profits further.

Q. Do I need an Account at Specific Bookmakers?

A. No you don't, you can bet wherever you feel comfortable however most tipsters will send their tips out with a recommend bookies for each tip to ensure you receive the best available odds.

Q. What does Capital Growth mean?

A. Capital Growth is the amount the initial betting bank has grown during the course of betting.

Q. What sort of Stakes should I be Using?

A. All services will recommend a stake value for each of their tips in terms of 'unit' which range from 5 to 10 units. You would assign a value to each unit. Betting Bank advice is given with all services.

Q. What size betting bank do I need?

A. This varies with each service, you may contact the relevant tipsters for experts advice.

Q. How many Subscribers can I Expect?

A. It's a question that is impossible to answer. The number of subscribers all depending on the profitability and popularity of the service. However, Verified Soccer Tips a large number of punters will be able to review your quality services and join from the strong networking and reputation of