Become Verified soccer bet tipsters is simple and easy, the conditions are listed lower on this page - please first make sure that your service is matching them otherwise we may reject verifying your picks. Once getting known with the conditions you can start in just few steps:

1. Register your account (most of the details as service description, url / contact email etc. can be updated in any later moment).

2. Login and proceed to the payments page. Make a payment via Skrill / PayPal / Neteller for a selected period of verification - 1, 3 or 6 months (the cost is respectively $20, $50 or $90 USD).

3. You will receive a message when your account is ready to function. That's all with the setup.

How to submit picks for verification:

Once your account is set to "operational" status, you must login and insert your picks using the simple automated form (see below). Previews / analyses are not necessary. All picks must be submitted before the start of the game, odds must be exact at the time of publishing. Every pick gets a mark with the exact time of submission (shown in the records) and cannot be modified or removed by the tipster himself.


We welcome serious tipsters that are aiming and able to provide useful service to the betting public. Our view on the matter is described on this page. Betting-advise reserves the right at its own discretion to refuse or stop verifying services which are not matching even the most basic quality standards, opening multiple accounts, posting not realistic although legit content (e.g. too big stakes), using gambling patterns to recover numbers, taking too much space / resources on our site etc. Only the following kind of bets are accepted - singles, accumulators (combos) and outrights on the following sports - Football (Soccer). Picks on any other sports are not accepted. The maximum allowed number of picks for one account in one calendar month is 200. Live betting picks are not accepted. Picks must be submitted before the start of the game with the exact odds at that moment. Picks cannot be changed or deleted after submission. In case of technical error (typing mistake, wrong date etc.) the tipster must report it to the administrators before the start of the event. Accounts status, suspension of services and no-refund policy

Betting-advise.com removes services who are breaking the above rules and found to be cheating in whatever way - such as posting picks after the event has started, false odds, unexisiting bets. Any money left for the remaining period of that subscription are not refunded. Betting-advise.com does not refund money if the service terminates its business before the date of subscription expiry or if the tipster decides to stop verifying his picks with Betting-advise.com.